6 Golden Tips To Get More Likes On TikTok If You’re Not Famous

Nowadays, social media is a massive part of everyone’s lives. There is no person without using social media every day. Many people are spending most of their time on social media to know what’s happening around them. One of the most trending social media platforms is TikTok; it has 800 million monthly active users worldwide. 

TikTok is a short lip-syncing video that allows users to record and post attractive videos to engage their audience. So if you want to get more likes and engage your followers on TikTok, you need to follow the few steps below. 

1. Best Option Is To Buy TikTok Likes

When you get more likes for your videos, you can easily make your videos go viral on TikTok. When you buy TikTok likes, you can boost your videos to a higher level on the platform. Gaining likes organically will take more time to perform, so many people are buying TikTok likes to increase their likes count immediately to their video. So it is the best way to boost your TikTok likes without spending much time. 

2. Create A Catchy Profile

TikTok profile is the first place where people will see before deciding to follow your account. Also, it helps people find who you are and what type of videos they can expect from you. Select the best picture for your profile, and you can use the same picture for all the social media networks because it helps people recognize your account quickly. Use informative emojis in your profile and attract more new followers to your account. Also, you can add a link to your YouTube and Instagram to drive traffic to that website. 

3. Engage With Other TikTokers

Collaborating with your fans and other TikTok users is one of the simple ways to get more likes for your account. When you engage with other TikTok accounts, their followers will know your account. If they like your content, they will become your fans, and through this, you can get more new followers to your account. If you receive any comments, respond to them as soon as possible. Similarly, you can also comment on other accounts to interact with them and convert them into your followers. 

4. Use The Hashtags

The hashtag is one of the powerful tools for increasing your content visibly and you to find more new followers to your TikTok account. Analyze the platform and see which hashtag gets more engagement on TikTok and use those hashtags to see the better result. Also, you can use the popular hashtags to find more audience to your account. Research your competitors and find the hashtags they are using in thrift TikTok videos to attract their followers. Also, you can use the same hashtags to find your target audience and enhance your account reach.

5. Analyze Your TikTok Likes

If you want to check your TikTok analytics, you need to switch your account to a Pro account. With this, you can easily track your TikTok video performance and be able to see how many likes and views you get for your videos. When you analyze these metrics, you are able to know which post gets more engagement. Choose that content and create similar content like that to reach more people on TikTok. 

6. Promote Your TikTok Video On Other platforms

If you share your videos on other platforms, it helps people to know your TikTok account. Through this, you can get many followers to your account and get more likes and views for your videos. Cross-promoting your video on other platforms is one of the easy ways to become popular on social media. Follow the six golden tips to increase your likes count. 


4 New Ideas To Increase Your Followers Growth On Instagram

Instagram is one of the visual marketing channels for improvising your brand, and there is a place to build a faithful audience that improves with your business. 

Over more than 500 million Instagram and IGTV viewers can browse this app every day and gain more engagement when the real audiences are around. This blog will explain how to effectively use Instagram to increase your followers and grow your engagement rate, not inactive, fake accounts.

Will Start!

1. Use Perfect Hashtags For Your Posts

The ultimate goal of every marketer is to engage their target audience daily and increase the number of real followers to your profile. Uploading new, creative, engaging content will satisfy your requirement, but this is not enough?

Adding content-related hashtags which helps to gain more audience attention within a short time. Hashtagging your content(photos, videos) makes it easy for the audience to find your content on Instagram that seeks those specific terms. 

For instance, Instagram reels are an excellent place to put hashtags and get popularity. If you use content-related hashtags, your videos will appear on the screen when users open the reels. Hence, you will get more views, or you will buy Instagram reels views for your content. 

Here are the popular hashtags on Instagram:


2. Apply Right Filters on Instagram

Hashtags aren’t the only thing to gain attention from the audience. The Instagram community answers to specific photo filters more auspiciously than others. Using these filters will help to achieve more engagement and create a significant impact among the viewers. 

Here are the top five filters on Instagram:

  1. Normal
  2. Clarendon
  3. Juno
  4. Ludwig
  5. Lark

Remind that attractive photos or content only gain more followers to your account. You can use IconoSquare to evaluate the performance of your Instagram account to know what is and is not currently working for you.

3. Post on the Perfect Times

Before adding more hashtags and filters, you should focus on your timings when you posts. Of course! You should keep an eye on your timings when the viewers are active. 

Here is an analysis of our decisions for quick reference:(EST Timings)

  • Monday : 6am to 10am, and 10pm 
  • Tuesday:2 am to 4 am, and 9 am 
  • Wednesday: 7 am to 8 am, and 11 pm 
  • Thursday: 9 am, 12 pm, and 7 pm
  • Friday : 5am, 1pm, to 3pm 
  • Saturday : 11am, 7pm, to 8pm 
  • Sunday: 7 am to 8 am, and 4 pm 

Above mentioned timings are the best times to upload on average; if you want to get the most engagement, it’s best to find your personalized best times based on your unique audience. 

4. Analyze Your Competitor’s

One of the most reliable ways to gain and impress a new following is by searching out your nearest competitor’s Instagram accounts and occupying with their audience. This kind of person has already shown some level of engagement in the products you provide simply by understanding your competitors’ accounts.

 How do you steal your competitor’s followers?

Do you want to steal your high-level competitors’ followers by creating and engaging with them? There are various ways to join with Instagrammers, a lot of work, and the more participants, repeat engagement you will get out of it.

The three types of engagement on Instagram are:

  • Develop a user
  • Like a photo
  • Review on a photo

Additional Tip: If you’re a brand owner, will you wait for your brand to reach fastly? Use IGTV features, make unique content, and upload them on your account. Also, concentrate on Instagram engagement will help to impress more audiences. Especially, getting likes, views are more important while your brand reach. If you want more instant attention, use to buy Instagram TV views, buy Instagram TV likes, buy Instagram TV comments, and more. 

Final Words:

Instagram is a compelling platform for marketers to promote their brand and keep the audience engaged. So, choose Instagram marketing and get quick reach with excellent sales.