Top 5 Instagram Story Ideas To Grow Your Business

According to research, more than 500 million people use Instagram stories daily, which means Instagram stories are an excellent opportunity for businesses to promote their brands or services. 58% of users say they are more interested in brands or businesses after seeing their Instagram stories. 

Whether you are using Instagram for your business or just for creating fun content, stories are essential to growing your followers. Posting an Instagram story is easy, but you don’t want your audience to just tap through your stories. You want your viewers to tap the link button, answer your polls, and go to your Instagram shop to buy products or services. 

Why does Story Views Matter On Instagram?

Instagram story views matter because they deliver a lot of information than your Instagram feed does. Share compelling stories with your most engaging audience, and the more people watch your stories, the more opportunity you’ll have for your business conversions. 

In fact, you should think from your audience’s standpoint to arrive at a clear strategy as to how to get more Instagram Story views more easily. When you do so, you will get answers to the following questions which serve as valuable insights for creating truly engaging content for stories.

  • Why do some stories on Instagram get more views?
  • Why are my Instagram stories so low?
  • How can I increase my story views strategically on Instagram?

A better understanding of Instagram stories will help you create a successful Instagram marketing strategy for your account. If you are not getting enough story views, don’t panic. I’m here to share six Instagram story ideas to get more story views and boost your business growth. 

Idea 1: Share Feed Post With “New Post” sticker

You may notice that your Instagram stories get more engagement than your feed posts. Many users on Instagram only view stories, and they don’t scroll through their Instagram feeds at all. 

To ensure your content still reaches those people, you need to share a new post or Instagram reels to your story and add “New Post” stickers. Additionally, adding some stickers and texts makes your content more engaging. 

Idea 2: Make A Poll And Quiz

Asking your audience to vote their preference using a poll is the best way to engage with your followers, and it is easy with Instagram poll stickers. If your poll refers to products or services, you can add a product link in the same story to increase your business sales. 

Test your audience using quiz stickers on stories and ask them questions about your business or services. It is a fun way to interact with your audience and boost your business reach among them. 

Idea 3: Post Product Photos

Text, stickers, and emojis are the best way to interact with your audience. But sharing product photos with product links can help you to convert your visitors into buyers. 

If you have a great quality shot of your product, consider sharing them with a product link to get more traffic and sales for your business. Fill the link text with something like, LEARN MORE, READ THIS, or SHOP NOW. 

Idea 4: Create A Specific “Ask Me Anything”

AMA or “Ask Me Anything” is often used when a brand asks questions on their Instagram stories. This type of question will encourage your audience to think about your business and make them ask questions. 

Additionally, ask for anonymous feedback, add question stickers, and encourage anyone to message anonymously. This can engage your followers and helps you to get surprising feedback. 

Idea 5: Use Editing Apps 

Many photo and video editing tools are available online, especially on Instagram. So choose the best photo editing app to share great quality photos on Instagram stories.

Apply filters and colour edits to your post and make them look more attractive to your audience. Posting an amazing collage photo about your business gives your audience a great feel about your business or services. 

Wrapping Up

I hope this post has shown how simple it can be to create Instagram story content to boost your business reach and sales conversion. So add these five effective ideas to your Instagram marketing strategy and increase your account reach.