Just What Is Instagram Reels? A Comprehensive Manual

Instagram Reels are another type of short-form video available on the app, giving users and companies more opportunities to distribute their videos. In 2020, as a direct result of TikTok’s meteoric rise in popularity, reels were made available all over the world. It’s crucial to note that as of February 2021, the Instagram algorithm has begun to de-prioritize Reels with the TikTok watermark, even if these films are often re-shared as Instagram Reels. Keep it in mind when you implement your cross-posting plan.

Just what is Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a new feature that lets users upload collections of shorter films that may be re-posted to stories or showcased on the Explore tab.

Creating reels is as simple as shooting a video and then uploading it on Instagram, or it may be done in tandem with the former. Music, Instagram style and content trends, and entertaining special effects are all things that they have in common with TikTok (which came out two years before Reels).

To reach people who don’t already follow you, Instagram Reels are a great tool for influencers and marketers. The accounts displayed in a user’s Reels are determined by an algorithm depending on their preferences.

Instagram will start showing users Reels from fashion influencers and companies they don’t already follow if they follow or interact with a lot of users. Users’ activities (such as like, commenting, and sharing) with material on Reels provide valuable data to the algorithm, which in turn determines the content that users see.

Branding using Reels: Some Suggestions

Instagram Reels are perfect for businesses who want to raise brand recognition, foster community, attract more followers, and publicise their products. Instead of confining yourself to TikTok, where the audience is in a very young age bracket and may not be your goal, you may reach a more appropriate audience demographic with material that is similar to TikTok through the use of reels.

Including IG Reels into your social media management strategy can have the following important benefits for your brand:

Raise product recognition

Instagram Reels are a great technique to gain new followers since they are displayed to individuals who already like and interact with accounts like yours. You might share fast industry-related advice or lessons. You might write an article like “5 Ways to Wear a Sarong” if you run a beachwear company or are a fashion influencer, or “The Top 3 Commands You Need to Teach a New Dog” if you run a dog walking service or pet store.

Product placement and advertising

If you have any “secrets” or “hacks” to share about your product or service, showing them off in a Reels presentation is a brilliant idea. You may utilise Reels to show people how to make the most of your product or to provide some context for its creation. Reels might also be used to hint to future product releases.

Establishing Alliances with Prominent Swayers

Work with an influencer who understands the ropes if your social team’s resources can’t handle making IG Reels on their own. They can develop expertly written pieces that promote your business and attract new clients.

Unseen proceedings

You need to reframe your thinking regarding incredibly short form issues if you’re having trouble seeing the value of Reels given that they’re usually only a minute long. Information about the inner workings of a company is always intriguing and may help humanise a company’s brand. Generation Z places a high importance on genuine experiences, thus showing them a behind-the-scenes office tour, a practise footage, or even bloopers via Reels may be quite effective.


Responding to frequently asked questions in your Reels is a simple approach to increase interaction with your audience. Seek out questions from viewers and address them in the following Reel or series of Reels.

How and Where to Market Reels

Instantly after adding a reel, it will appear in your Reels tab and, if you have that option enabled, on your Instagram photo grid. These may appear in the Explore section, and they will be presented to users who don’t follow you but follow accounts that are similar to yours.

Your tales may double as advertisements for your reels! It is a fantastic method for alerting your existing audience that you now have this material available.

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