How To Drive More Clicks For Your Instagram Account?

It’s not simple to develop organic clicks or conversions on Instagram, but the platform is ideal for influencer marketing and advertising. That’s because it restricts your ability to increase traffic by not letting you include links in the captions.
If you want your Instagram channel to generate more conversions, follow these methods.

Make material that stands out

While high-quality material is essential for any strategy, it’s more vital on Instagram. If your update doesn’t make consumers pause in their scrolling, then nothing else you do will attract clicks.

You need “scroll-stopping” material, or something interesting enough that people will stop what they’re doing and look at your post and read your caption.

It requires extensive planning, study of the competition, and trial and error, just like any quality piece of material. Improving your image and video editing abilities is also essential for creating engaging Instagram content. Trying out several tools to produce and modify visual material might make all the difference.

Use a call-to-action in the caption

In this case, the tried-and-true CRO rule applies: Most individuals won’t get involved until they’re specifically asked to. On Instagram, where users are accustomed to passively reading and like posts rather than actively searching for links to click, this rule is especially important.

Don’t forget to include a call-to-action (such as “click a link in the bio”), but make it feel organic and relevant. provide another way, provide some context around this call to action, like:

  • To get the entire scoop, follow the link in my bio.
  • To view the high-definition video, use the link in the bio.
  • Your caption or image may encourage people to “Click a link in the bio to grab a free copy (or download)” of the topic.
  • Not every Instagram post needs a call to action. Invite some clicks once a week if you’re refreshing your channel everyday.

Feature your Instagram photos and videos

Indirect links from other users displaying your material will drive traffic to your profile page where your link is included. You may expect a significant percentage of profile viewers to follow your link out of sheer curiosity.
To attract more readers, you should write your bio in such a manner that they will be intrigued enough to click.

Get to know your followers and grow your community to increase the likelihood that your Instagram posts will be highlighted. Instagram users may find specialised accounts that collect and share engaging visual content using certain hashtags. They choose certain posts from Instagram that have such hashtags and repost them. You need to be familiar with such accounts and hashtags if you want to locate content curators and consistently target them.

Make tales that can be clicked on

Instagram stories are the only other location except the bio to include a clickable link. Clickable stories require the following criteria to be met:

  • Gain ten thousand or more adherents
  • Authenticate your Instagram profile.
  • After you’ve met the requirements, you’ll be able to include a link in your stories when you upload them. When readers tap or swipe up on a clickable story, they are sent immediately to your website.
  • This post has a nice list of content ideas for engaging Instagram stories (that attract clicks) and advice for analysing your story’s performance.

Make the home page more Instagram-friendly

Finally, optimising that traffic for conversions is surprisingly overlooked when planning a traffic-generation strategy. In order to maximise your Instagram views, consider the following:

Wireless gadgets
Expect the vast majority of your Instagram traffic to originate from mobile devices, as the vast majority of Instagram users are using the app.

Using Finteza, you can monitor how well your landing page performs across devices and learn about any problems that mobile visitors have. Finteza also gathers information from Google’s Lighthouse, allowing you to quickly and easily view what appears on your landing page to mobile customers.

The 5-Second Rule

When Instagram users saw your page, they stopped scrolling. They will depart if you don’t hook their interest in the first few seconds. To make sure your page provides a strong first impression quickly, I suggest giving it the “five second test.”

The test is free unless you want UsabilityHub to locate testers for you, however they do provide that service. This is the procedure:

  • Take a picture of your Instagram home screen on your mobile device.
  • Start a new experiment in UsabilityHub.
  • Have test takers describe the first thing that jumps out at them or indicate whether or not they comprehend the content of the website represented by the snapshot.
  • Get the exam link and have your friends and associates take it.

Crafted calls to action

You need that Instagram traffic to convert, after all. Make sure the calls to action (CTAs) on that page are consistent with the tone of your Instagram posts. Make sure the free download is prominent on the landing page once they click the link you provided.

I’ve found that web push notifications are one of the most Instagram-friendly calls to action. Instagrammers seem oblivious to their requests. You may try this strategy out with the help of Push Monkey, which prompts site users to subscribe to your online alerts.

Increased Instagram traffic

Increasing site visitors is a never-ending battle. There is no strategy that lets you put in the work once and then relax while customers pour in. Instagram traffic is no different in that it demands continual A/B testing. This advice should get your creative juices flowing so you can develop and implement a plan to increase traffic from Instagram.