Tutorial: Adding An Instagram Feed To Your Website (6 Amazing Tools)

As a result of Instagram’s exceptional aesthetics and promotional potential, it has become one of the most popular social networks among marketers in recent years.

In light of these features, there is a growing tendency to include an Instagram feed into an online commerce, 

So what exactly is a feed on Instagram?

For the purpose of embedding it on a website, an Instagram feed may be thought of as the discovery and curation of all relevant and important visual user-generated content (UGC) on Instagram related to a specific profile, keyword, hashtag, etc.

Here Are 6 Instagram Feed Embedding Tools

1. Taggbox

Taggbox is an excellent UGC platform because it allows businesses to showcase their Instagram feed in a way that is consistent across all of their marketing channels, therefore boosting trust, engagement, and ultimately, conversions.

In a matter of minutes, you can harness the power of user-generated material to create an incredible Instagram wall with Taggbox.

2. Including Instagram Posts

Instagram, as we established from the outset, has developed into a highly capable platform. Similarly, you may put Instagram content on your website using the platform’s embed tool.

3. Thirdly, SnapWidget

With SnapWidget, you may add an Instagram widget to your website. Further to Instagram, it also supports embedding from YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Its website describes it as a tool for expanding your social media following across many networks. The widget’s sole purpose is to aggregate Instagram posts into a feed that can be displayed on a website.

4. Flockler

Flockler is a social media aggregator that compiles posts from several sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., into a single feed that can be shown on a website.

Events, social walls, digital signages, and digital displays are all great places to show off your social network feed. Create an Instagram feed using the tool and embed it on your site to keep visitors engaged and, perhaps, enhance conversions.

5. The 5 Most Fun Ways to Pop a Balloon

The WordPress social feeds plugin Smash Balloon allows users to easily create and integrate social media feeds, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

With this app, users may make social media feeds that are completely unique to their needs and preferences and can be easily adapted to work with any website thanks to its high level of customization.

Notwithstanding the website’s omission of any reference to user-generated content curation, the tool itself offers a number of useful functions.

6. YotPo

Yotpo, an eCommerce marketing tool, collects user-generated visual material from various social media channels, such as Instagram, into a single feed that can then be displayed on a website as shoppable content.

The upsides of including a live Instagram feed

Being Made Conscious of Something

Including an Instagram feed on your website may increase your brand’s visibility, reach, and recognition by driving traffic from Instagram to your main website.

It’s a great tool for spreading your brand’s message and interacting with customers on several occasions.

A website’s and a brand’s development begins with increased visibility, accessibility, and recognition.

Credibility and originality come in at number two.

In today’s information era, a company’s long-term performance and positive brand perception are built on consumers’ confidence in and familiarity with the company’s stated values and practises.

For this reason, showcasing the reliable and genuine user-generated material via your Instagram feed on your website might aid in constructing strong social proof for the company.

As a result, consumers become more dedicated to and vocal about the brand. You may also harness the power of user-generated content to your advantage by targeting those who are most likely to be interested in your products and services.

Participation and Exchanges

Each website’s primary objective should be to maximise user engagement, since this has been shown to increase conversions. Instagram users may be hesitant to connect with the feed because of the abundance of colourful and varied material.

Furthermore, Instagram is a visual platform with fascinating visual material, and it is well-known that people are more interested in, engaged by, and engaged with things that they can see than things that they read about or hear about.

In addition to increasing the average time spent on the site, this also improves the quality of the user’s interactions with the site. The website’s search engine rankings, bounce rate, discoverability, and favourable word-of-mouth advertising all benefit from this.

Conversions and Development, Number Four

Most websites have one overarching objective: to convert visitors into customers in order to boost brand awareness and sales.

Conversions aren’t limited to monetary transactions; they may also involve the completion of a form, the acquisition of personally identifiable information, or the achievement of any other goal.

For eCommerce businesses in particular, an Instagram feed can help you get users to take the desired actions by making the customers’ time spent researching, deciding, making a purchase, and enjoying their experience online shorter, simpler, more straightforward, more informative, more interesting, and more engaging.

Growing your brand, your income, and your number of satisfied customers all stem from a single thing: more conversions.


Half of Instagram’s 1 billion monthly active users post content every day, and one fifth of Instagram users overall visit a business profile every day.

Marketers have a massive opportunity to increase their reach, credibility,brand recognition, audience engagement, and sales thanks to these data. But, attracting so many people to your website is impossible.

Consequently, the best way to harness the potential of social media for your company is to incorporate an Instagram feed on your website.