Everything You Need To Know: Instagram Reels

Given that millennials and Generation Z have been dubbed the “instant gratification” generations, the shift from traditional media forms to mobile-only, 30-second video bursts should come as no surprise.

Facebook developed Instagram Reels in August 2020 as a direct response to TikTok’s success in attracting 1 billion global downloads in only 18 months. The internet giant wisely decided to capitalise on TikTok’s problems, including as user privacy and the possibility of a federal ban. Young digital natives may now choose between two services that provide them with nearly identical tools for making and consuming short videos (15-30 seconds long).

Marketers need to make an effort to adapt since the digital media landscape has changed significantly in the past year. What follows is a comprehensive guide to Instagram Reels.

As to why Reels?

Reels helps companies grow their Instagram followings and communities by offering the means to produce entertaining, shareable content. Because of the platform’s infancy, it presents a great chance to establish your business as an early adopter (less competition for views!).

If your company currently has a sizable and engaged following on Instagram, trying out Reels is a great way to try out short-form content without risking alienating your current audience. To avoid investing time and energy into becoming an Instagram expert or developing a content plan for TikTok, you could also give Reels a try.

Instagram Stories vs. Highlight Reels

Short films, text effects, filters, and stickers are all commonplace in both Reels and Instagram Stories, so to the untrained, the two may seem indistinguishable. What sets Reels apart, though, is as follows.

You may publish your Reel to your Instagram feed, to Stories, or to the public Reels stream on the Explore tab. Your Reels will always be accessible in a special section of your profile (much like IGTV posts), no matter where you choose to share them.
Original audio you upload to your Reel will be credited to you when it is used by other users, increasing your visibility.

Tonnes of Material

Concerned about you can get your audience to take action in under 30 seconds by conveying your value proposition, brand identity, and call to action? It’s not simple, but maybe this may help:

Showcase your wares. Over half of all Instagram users check out Explore at least once per month, so sharing your Reels there is a terrific way to reach new consumers who aren’t already following you. The cosmetics firm e.l.f. is a great example of a business that uses Reels to promote its wares by uploading product demonstrations, new releases, and customer reviews.
Increase business. To get people psyched, use Reels to announce something amazing, like a sale or a special offer. But you shouldn’t make your films all about the ads; keep in mind that viewers are looking for light amusement, not a hard sell. Companies who strike a good mix between marketing and uniqueness and fun will profit from using sites like Reels and TikTok, which share an unpolished sense of authenticity.
Show off some sneak looks from behind the scenes. These days, it’s not enough to merely make online product announcements. People want to know the why and how of your actions. Providing customers with candid, behind-the-scenes information is a great approach for companies to earn their confidence. Benefit Cosmetics is a good example of a “polished” brand that is actively asking viewers to learn more about them by doing things like making “one-day-in-the-life” videos of employees in various departments (called “Reels”).
Emphasise material created by the users. Similarly, companies may utilise Reels to recognise their loyal consumers. If you want an example of a company that uses user-generated content effectively, look no further than Sephora France. They’re praising their most devoted supporters and inviting the rest of their followers to join the conversation.

Learn the Ins and Outs of the Current Craze

Not sure what kind of sound effects or music to use in your reel? The following are some simple methods for locating trends:

Your re-feed. You can check out the Reels of the people you’re following, whether they’re influencers, friends, or companies, by going to their profile and hitting the Reels tab.
You may do a search based on sound or a hashtag. You can locate related Reels by typing your query into the search field.
A visit to the Explore page. There are, as was said before, an infinite amount of potential Reels. If you’re drowning with content, just check for the Reel that Instagram has highlighted with the Featured badge.