A Step-By-Step Guide On Google Webmaster Tool To Improve SEO

successful PBN SEO campaign

The most useful SEO tool to improve your website performance is the Google webmaster tool. It is a free tool that provides information about your website to make improvements. If you are a business owner, it is necessary to use the webmaster tool to track your website performance and provide better SEO efforts.

A website owner without using this tool misses out on great features to gain success. In this article, let us examine the essential features to improve your website SEO with the webmaster tool.

1. Get Notification If A Problem Arise

The Google webmaster tool provides an excellent way to communicate with your search engines. Since direct communication is impossible, the webmaster tool acts as a medium to gain information about your website. 

When you connect your website with a webmaster tool, it helps to notify you if any issue arises in your site performance. Google intimates the issue through the mail. Enable the notification by clicking the Settings option and then select webmaster tools preference. 

2. Know Your Target Audiences

The Google webmaster tool has an option to choose your target audiences. For instance, if your website is a .com or .net site and your target audiences are from the U.K, you can change the site settings on the webmaster tool. 

Go to site settings under the webmaster tool and select Target Users In. After that, choose the destination as the U.K to gather your target audiences under the particular region. Though the .co.uk domain performs better than .com sites, it is a common idea to increase your reach.

3. Keywords To Drive Traffic

Keywords play a vital role in engaging audiences and increasing organic traffic to your website. But how to find the right keywords in the webmaster tool? It is simple! There is an engaging feature called the search queries under the search traffic on the webmaster tool. 

The search queries function contains several features to improve your website performance. Get the keywords that trigger your website performance, along with the CTR, impressions, and average position of the particular word. Using this data, frame a successful PBN SEO campaign to strengthen your website traffic.

4. Track Your Incoming Links

Know the links that point either to your homepage or inner page to detect your website performance on Google. When you identify the links pointing to your site along with the keywords, it becomes easy to develop a quality link-building plan and win the competitions. 

Identify which of your pages grabs more visits and work on the content to make a betterment. If any sudden issue arises on your incoming links, download the latest links to find where the problem arises and remove the bad links.

5. Check The Working Of Google Crawler

If Google fails to access your website, it leads to a decrease in Google rank for your website. Under the Crawl section in the webmaster tool, there are two engaging features to make a successful crawling. 

  • Crawl Error: This report helps to identify the broken links in your website or the links pointing to your site from other websites. Correct the broken links once found.

  • Fetch As Google: Do you want to know how Google crawls your site? Use the Fetch and Render option to get an idea of your website performance. Also, get a detailed picture of your website performance. 

6. Identify If Your Website Falls Under Penalty

Generally, two penalties arise for your site. One is the manual penalty where a team reviews your website content and imposes a penalty. You can identify and approach them to remove your penalty.

Another is the algorithmic penalty provided by the Google algorithm like Panda, Penguin, etc. It occurs when your website violates any of the ranking algorithms. Rectify it by identifying the cause and monitoring the updates of Google regularly.

Wrapping Up

Do you want to track your website performance? Use the Google webmaster tool to gain information about your website, find your potential customers, and gain a digital presence. The above tips help business owners to use the webmaster tool to monitor their site performance.