Efficient Methods For Increasing Your TikTok Followers

Your future social media success depends on your ability to maximise your TikTok exposure. It’s developed into a crucial issue.

Third largest social media platform in the world is TikTok. Presently, it has over a billion users, and by 2023, it’s expected to have over 1.8 billion TikTok users.

Many people also consider TikTok to be the most addicting social media site out there. Users spend an average of 28.7 hours per month on the platform because they enjoy chatting with their favourite influencers.

But as any aspiring influencer or business account manager will tell you, getting your share of the TikTok pie can be challenging. There will be times when you feel as though the algorithm is favouring competing businesses or profiles over your own.

The best way to expand your TikTok audience is through natural means. In other words, you need to consistently provide excellent, short-form video content that your audience will adore.

1: Sign Up for a TikTok Company Account

It’s important to remember, as a marketer, that personal and business TikTok accounts serve different purposes and encounter unique difficulties as the platform expands. People who happen upon your company’s account will view the posts with suspicion and be wary of any overt attempts at selling.

TikTok recommends that advertisers create engaging ads for the platform. Remember that users’ attention spans are short even if you want to maintain a professional brand image. Consequently, users will quickly ignore your hard sell if you aren’t providing engaging content.

As luck would have it, TikTok provides a number of customization options to make your business account truly unique. If you know your audience and want to launch a new campaign, for instance, you can use Spark Ads. A whopping 84% of users report being persuaded to make a purchase after watching a Spark Ad, and 67% say they enjoy the narrative element that these ads offer.

Spark Ads can be used to rapidly increase your following and overall engagement. If you’re using a “always on” marketing strategy with multiple goals, Spark Ads can help you achieve all of them.

Moreover, TikTok’s TopView is a powerful tool for enterprise accounts. According to a TikTok survey, 71% of users agree that content on TopView is the most interesting they’ve seen. TopView content is moving toward cost per mille (CPM) purchasing, so you can take advantage of increased exposure by paying only once every thousand times your ad is viewed.

The secret to success on TikTok lies in realising there is a distinction between business and personal accounts. But before you start making content and paying for ads, you need to figure out who you’re trying to reach by compiling data from across the web.

2. Use TikTok’s analytics to your advantage.

The social media realm is dominated by analytics. Long-term success in social media requires spotting emerging trends, reevaluating current tactics, and developing a fresh plan of action, all of which can be aided by analytical insights.

Under “Creator Tools,” TikTok also offers its own set of analytics. In the analytics section, you can find useful information such as:

Follower increase; Video views; Likes, comments, and shares; Average watch time; Traffic source.
The data presented here will shed light on how your TikTok channel has developed over time. But if you want to benefit from analytics, you’ll need a variety of social media management tools to examine the metrics that indicate your expansion.

You should begin by using a social media dashboard that is compatible with TikTok for all of your content preparation, publishing, and analysis needs. Because of this, you can track your progress on TikTok and other social media platforms in the same place.

Using analytics effectively can help you find your audience, zero in on their subculture, and create engaging, shareable content that draws in new fans.