How To Make An Instagram Post Schedule (With Enough Content To Last You 90 Days)

To maximise Instagram’s potential as a promotional tool for your company, it’s a good idea to use a content schedule. A devoted fan base may be established, and interest in your product or service can be generated.

Maintaining a regular posting schedule is essential to achieving these goals. You may decide what “consistently” means to you as you develop your Instagram strategy. Daily updates are encouraged if you have the time and energy to devote to them. However, if you can only update your feed three times a week, then do so.

By making use of a content calendar, you can schedule your Instagram posts in advance and increase your posting frequency. Planning your Instagram posts in advance is an efficient way to maximise your presence on the platform.

If you’re going to use Instagram, you need plan beforehand.

Keeping an Instagram content schedule might make you feel more organised and in charge of your time on the app. You may also structure your information around a central idea. By planning out your Instagram posts in advance, you won’t have to worry about posting subpar material when inspiration strikes.

In addition to being more convenient, automated publishing saves you time. You may prepare your social media profiles, posts, and updates in advance using scheduling tools and programmes. Using one of these tools, you may schedule your posts to go live at times when your target demographic is most likely to see them. Even if you know that the majority of your Instagram followers are online around 7 p.m., posting to your business’s account at that time is inconvenient. Thankfully, this problem may be avoided with the help of a content calendar and Instagram.

Everyone makes a few typos now and again, but it’s not ideal for a brand’s social media postings to be riddled with them. Making an Instagram content calendar allows you to double-check your posts for accuracy before they go live. Finally, we noted that having an Instagram content schedule helps you publish consistently, wherever you draw the line between “consistently” and “frequently.”

Figure Out Your Social Media Approach

Without a clear social media marketing plan, you won’t know where to begin when organising your Instagram posts. Unless you’re actively tweaking your plan, this is a process you’ll only need to go through once. Here are the top six questions to ask yourself while formulating a plan of action to get you through this sticky situation.

Check Your Instagram Account.

Before you even think about creating an Instagram content plan, you should do an Instagram audit if you’ve been posting for any length of time. You may learn what works and what needs improvement with an audit of your content. An audit of your content doesn’t have to be complicated, and it may guide the kinds of posts you schedule for Instagram. An Instagram audit consists of the following six steps:

Define Success for Yourself

Before you begin planning your Instagram posts, you should find out what kinds of material your followers enjoy and what they don’t. You may decide how many followers you wish to have and in what time frame.

Check Your Followers’ Activity

You should verify that the people who are following you are serious about doing so. False information and a reduced interaction rate may result if as few as 10% of your followers are phoney. You might spend a lot of time looking through all of your followers to determine which ones are legit. Instead, you can detect and get rid of false followers with the aid of programmes like and Social Audit Pro.

Look Over Your Material

You must do this before you even think about creating an Instagram content calendar. It’s important to take a close look at the existing content you’ve been producing for your audience and evaluate its performance on the app. Instagram’s native statistics are a good place to begin, but for more in-depth information, you should utilise a third-party platform like Sprout Social or Hootsuite. You may use these instruments to analyse such metrics as impressions, reach, engagement, and more. You should also double-check your descriptions and hashtags to ensure they contain interesting language (and a call to action).

Examine Your Persona

You’re right, this is crucial. People who are considering following you will check out your profile before making a final decision. Update your Instagram photo, username, title, bio, link, and highlights. Your profile’s appeal to would-be followers increases as its coherence improves.

Verify Your Commitment

Your Instagram interaction rate is a crucial measure to monitor. Your Instagram audit should focus on how your brand interacts with its followers. What’s your comment and direct message response rate? Do you interact with your followers by commenting on their posts? Do you interact with or use influencers in your marketing strategy? Interacting with other people is a great way to boost your own motivation.

Insight into the kinds of material that are resonating with your audience may be gained through an audit at any moment. Since fashions and public opinion are always shifting, it’s wise to hold them semi-regularly. Depending on the situation, you may need to make adjustments to the material you’ve scheduled to post on Instagram.