A Simple Instagram Marketing Plan Every Company Can Use

The potential audience for Instagram ads has grown dramatically this year, reaching 76 million individuals in just the preceding quarter. A staggering number of Instagram users—nearly 90%—follow at least one brand.

Profits aren’t limited to the production of consumer items. Around 36% of B2B decision-makers use Instagram to learn more about potential purchases. On top of that, Instagram has generated four times as many interactions than Facebook. These numbers show why businesses are jumping on the Instagram marketing bandwagon in droves.

What was once just a simple app for sharing photos between smartphones has evolved into a powerful advertising platform for business owners and marketers everywhere.

If you’re unfamiliar with marketing and Instagram, it might be even more difficult to develop a successful Instagram marketing plan. Knowing the ins and outs of the platform is essential for running successful campaigns that lead to conversions. By employing a strong advertising campaign, you may establish your business as a formidable competitor.

In a flexible and practical manner, this article will guide you through many of the underlying features of Instagram marketing that have the ability to increase the success of your business to new heights.

Just what is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram marketing refers to the practise of promoting one’s business using the Instagram social media network. Instagram marketing may include many different strategies and methods that may be used to accomplish many different business goals, which is why the phrase “promote their business” might appear vague.

Marketing on Instagram may be broken down into two categories: paid strategies like advertising and influencer marketing, and organic strategies like posting, Instagram stories, comments, and interacting with other users’ content.

Common business objectives include increasing sales, expanding reach and engagement, forging connections with new audiences and partners, and enhancing a company’s standing in the marketplace. The specifics of goal-setting and the strategies that might be used to attain them will be discussed in greater depth later on.

Tips for Establishing a Powerful Instagram Marketing Campaign

The use of Instagram as a promotional tool is on the rise. Nowadays, many consumers and retailers alike utilise Instagram as a means of doing business. Over 60 million photos are submitted to this site every day, according to various sources.
Instagram found that 81% of its users found the platform helpful when looking into a product or service. You don’t want to lose out on a significant number of consumers just because you aren’t participating on social media. Keep reading for some tips on making the most of Instagram for your company.

Creating a Professional Identity

Before diving into Instagram marketing, ensure that your profile is a legitimate company page, and not just a personal one. We’ll go over Instagram Insights and the business marketing features that it offers later on in this article. It will also make you appear more credible to your audience.

You’ll need two elements to construct an Instagram business profile:

One or more Instagram accounts, whether preexisting or created expressly for the purpose. We suggest making a new handle using your company’s name in order to increase brand recognition.

Start a company page on Facebook. You’ll need one of these in order to have your Instagram account verified.

Landing Page Optimization Techniques

Instagram’s single link field has led social media managers to step outside the box in order to maximise its potential. It’s common practise to provide a landing page that features both fresh content and permanent links to your most important product and service sites via the “link in bio” that authors include at the end of their articles.

The landing page approach is for you if your business shares one link, has numerous links it desires to show to clients, has various offerings, or all of the above. Many branded link management instruments may be used to generate an optimal link for use in social media biographies leading to landing sites.

Establishing Marketing KPIs and a Budget

What marketing objectives do you have for Instagram? Instagram is the ideal social media tool for many businesses to exploit to enhance brand recognition.

It’s vital to clearly describe your objectives and goals so you can use them as a basis for measuring your KPIs utilising a social media audit at the end of each month or quarter.

If paid social media is part of your strategy, set aside a certain amount of money and allocate it accordingly so that you may take full use of Instagram’s advertising tools, including sponsored posts and shopping widgets.

Discover Who You’re Talking To

If you’re trying to decide who to target with your Instagram ads, doing some preliminary research can’t hurt. Our Instagram user data, for instance, reveals that the majority of the platform’s users are young adults (18-29).

The United States is Instagram’s biggest market. Instagram is utilised by more metropolitan inhabitants than their suburban counterparts. It isn’t to imply you should only utilise Instagram to reach out to urban Americans in their twenties.

Instead, you should define your target audience so that you can generate material that appeals specifically to them. When it comes to picking targeting alternatives for your Instagram adverts, this will be vital.

Utilizing Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories feature had been utilised by over 500 million users as of January 2019. They have a 24-hour time limit, can’t be more than 15 seconds long, and won’t show up on your main profile or feed. That makes sense from a psychological standpoint; they are a more exciting and fleeting way to share with your audience.

Instagram Stories are a great addition to your marketing strategy, especially if you want to discuss relevant or in-depth issues that don’t need a full post.