Commercial Instagram Highlight Reels

People have been wondering how Instagram would respond to TikTok for quite some time. In August of 2020, Instagram Reels was released as the solution. This new innovation is in direct opposition to the popular TikTok app. We’ll explain what Reels are, demonstrate how they work, and offer suggestions for utilising them to promote your company.‍

Instagram Reels: what is it?‍

Icon for Instagram’s Reels app showing a woman filming herself on her phone
With Instagram Reels, users can make and share short movies (15 seconds or less) with one another in a dedicated Feed accessible via the Explore tab.

Reels, like the popular TikTok app, is a suite of creative tools for making short, interesting films on Instagram.

Create and edit 15-second videos with Reels’ unique effects, text, audio, and stickers, then publish them and share them with your followers.

Although Reels was piloted in Brazil in 2019, it is now accessible in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, and many other developed nations. Instagram users may get it on their mobile devices running iOS or Android.

The Value of Reels to Enterprises‍

If you’ve been using TikTok for your company’s needs, you’ll find that Reels is quite similar. Instagram has a built-in video editor that users can use to rapidly edit and share their videos.‍

Improved Exposure‍

Both individual users and businesses may create a Reel and share it in a special section of Explore, called Reels. If your page is not open to the public, you cannot use this option.‍

Enhancement of Communicability‍

Share your Reels and they’ll show up automatically on other pages that use the same tracks, hashtags, or effects that you used in it. This is the quickest approach to gaining new fans.‍

Intensified Rule‍

To make Reels, you won’t need any other video editing software. It’s simple to make one of these films and upload it immediately to Instagram. If your video is properly labelled, it will be visible to everyone who uses the same filter or is part of the same hashtag community.‍

How to Make the Most of Instagram Business Reels

When Instagram Stories first appeared, parallels were drawn to Snapchat; today, Reels is being compared to TikTok. Users of the widely used video platform may record their own voices or tag the voices of other users into short videos.

In order to immediately engage their consumers, brands should seize the chance to employ Reels. However, these audiences have unique content consumption habits. They want to consume stuff that doesn’t take too much time to read and comprehend.

Locate Usable Videos on TikTok

A woman is being filmed while she participates in the TikTok challenge.
If you already have a TikTok account, you may utilise the same videos and photos on Instagram. If you want to see how a company can use short videos on TikTok to quickly build a Reels following on Instagram, check out ColourPop Cosmetics.

Cross-posting is possible between TikTok and Instagram, and the app even provides a dedicated space for doing so on user profiles. You may now advertise your channel on both Facebook and YouTube.‍

Instructive Material to Share‍

Putting out helpful material that addresses your audience’s needs is the greatest method to attract new readers. More people will watch, share, and engage with your content and ultimately buy what you’re selling if you can help them learn something new through a short video.

Share delectable recipes in short movies by demonstrating a step-by-step cooking method, or document the manufacturing process of your items.

To increase the number of views and comments on your video, keep it brief, keep the explanations simple, and utilise interesting music as backdrop. You may join even more Reels communities by using several hashtags, such #recipes or #DIY.‍

Exhibit Your Goods‍

The Reels feature is particularly useful for social media businesses since it allows material to be seen by Instagram users who don’t follow the account. Instagram users that employ text overlays, hashtags, audio, and informative captions are more likely to be included in content-related algorithms.

Elf Cosmetics’ Luminous Putty Primer was advertised in an innovative way using emojis to highlight the product’s features. The video was simple and easy to follow along with.‍

Promote Popular Material‍

It’s impossible to overstate the value of video for modern social media campaigns. Behind-the-scenes footage, user-generated content, and helpful product usage tips are all great things for brands to provide.

Sharing exclusive deals or the history of your company’s brand is another benefit. It’s crucial for companies to maintain their authenticity and not make every video a commercial.