An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Stories Ads In 2023

Want to take your Instagram marketing to the next level?

If you want to make the most of Instagram as a social media channel, you need familiarise yourself with the fundamentals of Instagram Stories advertisements.

These snappy commercials are a great method to attract people’s attention, boost traffic, and communicate with your target demographic.

Everything from the basics to advanced strategies are included in this book.

  • Ads on Instagram Stories…what are they?
  • Ad layouts for Instagram Stories?
  • The best way to increase interaction? Instagram Stories.
  • Exactly how do Instagram advertising help users?
  • Things to consider when advertising on Instagram Stories
  • Case studies of successful Instagram Stories advertisements
  • Let’s delve in and examine how 2023 Instagram advertisements for Stories might help you succeed.

Instagram advertisements are what exactly?

Instagram Stories advertisements are brief clips of 15 seconds or less that play between users’ Stories.
Businesses may now advertise to specific users on Instagram by using the popular and fleeting Instagram Stories format; these ads are labelled as “Sponsored” to let users know they are advertisements.

Interesting Fact Instagram has introduced Stories in a vertical style to mimic the feel of TikTok. Previously, Instagram Stories could be explored using taps and horizontal swipes, like Snapchat. Similar to TikTok, viewers may now scroll vertically to see more material.

Businesses may reach a big and interested audience of Instagram’s 500 million daily users by using Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories advertising are also targeted, so users may select to reach people based on their demographics, interests, or geographic area.

Instagram Story Ads Templates: What Are They?

Instagram Story templates allow businesses to quickly produce and release Instagram Story advertisements by utilising pre-designed themes.

Text, graphics, and other design components are often included in such templates, and they can be modified to better reflect the company’s identity.

Businesses who want to make advertising for Instagram Stories but don’t have the manpower or money to develop them from scratch might benefit from using a template.

Advertisers who are just getting started with Instagram and who want to make sure their advertisements conform to Instagram’s standards and best practises might benefit from using templates.

Instagram Stories advertisements can range from basic, text-based normal Story layouts to elaborate, multimedia designs.
Instagram Stories are perfect for increasing interaction because of.

Because of the participatory nature of Instagram Stories, they are a fantastic tool for increasing participation.

Instagram is the best way to target the coveted 18-34 age group, making up a massive 61% of the platform’s user base.

With more than 100 million monthly active users in the US alone, you’ll have no trouble reaching your target demographic.

Instagram Stories advertisements include a variety of interactive aspects that businesses, influencers, and marketers may utilise to connect with their target audience, in addition to targeting.

Instagram advertisements are a great place for businesses to increase interaction with their target audience since users can participate in polls, quizzes, and other interactive components.

What are the Benefits of Instagram Ads in Stories?

Advertisements on Instagram Stories may be an effective component of influencer marketing and other forms of company marketing. How to do it…

Spread information

The Instagram Stories feed is shown at the very top of the app, making it the very first thing that users see when they use Instagram.
Instagram advertising Stories are now located in a highly visible area of the app.

As an added incentive, Instagram Stories only remain available for 24 hours before they vanish forever.

For another, Instagram Stories are extremely versatile since they can be shared and repurposed across other channels.

Sharing your Instagram Stories on other social media sites like Facebook and TikTok is one method.

A social media management tool can automate this process, or it can be done manually by taking an Instagram Story and publishing it to another site.

Using the Instagram cross-promotion function, companies may promote their Instagram Stories on other social media channels, possibly increasing their Instagram viewership and interaction.

They may be interacted with

Instagram Stories are a very engaging and interactive type of content because to the many ways in which viewers may connect with them.

Some ways in which Instagram users can participate in “Stories” are as follows:


Instagram provides a variety of stickers, such as emoticons, location tags, and hashtags, that users may apply to their Stories.

Drive more people to your site

The ability for businesses to include a link to their website or app store in Instagram Stories is a major perk.

This may be quite useful for attracting new customers and expanding existing ones.

Instagram’s swipe-up functionality makes it possible for brands to include clickable links to their websites and app stores within their Stories.
Instagram Stories with links are a great method to drive traffic to a company’s website or app download page when viewers swipe up on the story.

In addition, this function may be extremely helpful for e-commerce enterprises by facilitating the promotion of items and the generation of purchases via Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories may also be helpful for app developers by allowing them to advertise their products and encourage users to download them.