How To Leverage Instagram To Drive Traffic For Your Website?

You’re probably already aware that video is taking over social media, and that sharing Reels on Instagram has become a de facto standard operating procedure for organisations, brands, and creators. However, there are now more Reels than ever released on the site, so you’ll need a deliberate strategy to make yours stand out and attract a sizable audience.

But how can you increase your Instagram Reels’ audience size, profile prominence, and conversion rates?

Here is a collection of tried and true engagement-driving techniques to help you beat the system and create Reels that make people stop in their tracks.

Get set to dominate the competition with jaw-dropping Instagram Reels. Ten proven strategies to dramatically increase participation are detailed below.

The value of Instagram highlight reels

Statistics reveal that compared to regular Instagram posts, Instagram Reels result in a 22% increase in interaction.

For companies, enterprises, and creators, the significance of this content format is underscored by the fact that Reels is currently the only video content format accessible on Instagram.

With Instagram’s increased emphasis on Reels, now is the moment to take advantage of dynamic video’s ability to make your business stand out and motivate consumers to take action. Adding Reels to your social media marketing plan has a tonne of additional advantages. Check this out:

Increase your exposure by using reels to get your business in front of new Instagram users. Not only does Instagram’s algorithm give Reels material a boost, but the Discover page also gives it top billing.

Reels are a great way to humanise your business and show off who you are and what you stand for since they are entertaining, lively, and fun.

Gain credibility with untapped audiences by introducing them to your brand through short-form video and subtitles in Reels. This will help you reach more people and convert them into paying clients.

Grow your following naturally: Reels’ extensive discoverability means your brand has the chance to become viral, expanding your audience (and giving you access to potential new buyers).

The best part about Reels is that anyone (beginning or not) may take advantage of the engagement-driving capabilities of popular video formats and sounds like templates, transitions, and audio tracks to make compelling videos.

In the end, Reels are an absolute must for every company or brand that plans to use Instagram as part of their marketing strategy.

Six tips for increasing Instagram followers and likes

You are now prepared to start making Reels and sharing them online. So what? Boost your brand’s visibility and engagement on Instagram to achieve real business goals with these 10 game-changing tips.

Put the hook

The reality is that the layout of your Instagram Reels is nearly as crucial as the material you choose to feature within them. In a word, yes.

Keeping people interested requires making them noticeable, especially in the initial few seconds.

The “hook” serves to draw in the audience and pique their interest so that they continue reading or watching. One technique is to introduce a teaser and gradually increase the tension until the climax.

Make the most of popular formats by using premade Reels

Using a design like Instagram Reels is a fantastic way to make the most of popular formats.

Using these templates, you can quickly put together eye-catching, high-engagement pieces. Clicking the “use template” option on a pre-made Reel will automatically bring your uploaded videos to life (in sync with a popular soundtrack, of course).

There’s bound to be a template that fits your brand’s voice among the numerous available alternatives, which range from simple text overlays to more intricate animations. The nicest part about using templates is that they can be made quickly and easily.

Using hashtags to increase exposure

Hashtags are essential for increasing exposure on Instagram. Use these tags to make your content searchable within Instagram’s algorithm and connect with new, relevant consumers.

To maximise the reach of your shared Reels, be sure to include a carefully chosen set of popular hashtags.

Add New Footage to Your Story

The reach of your Instagram post may be boosted by adding Instagram Reels to your Instagram story. The Story will be up for 24 hours and is a terrific way to make sure your followers see your material.

Adding and resharing this video to your tale might increase its chances of generating reach and engagements if your followers aren’t served your Reel in their feed. You may strengthen your relationship with your followers by providing them with a more intimate view of your material.

You may give your audience a new opportunity to connect with your Reels material by including components like stickers and supplemental text.

Add a strong call to action

Including a compelling call to action (CTA) in your Instagram Reels is essential if you want to increase engagement and urge viewers to take action.

Your CTA will be more successful if it is easy to understand, brief, and pertinent to the material presented in your Reel. If your Reel is advertising a deal or new item, for instance, the call to action should make it simple for viewers to make a purchase from your site.

You should put your call to action in a prominent position. Typically, this is something that would appear at the video’s conclusion or as a text overlay for the spectator.

Make use of in-country editing software

Instagram users who are quick to adopt new trends and make use of the platform’s capabilities, such as the picture and video editing tools, are more likely to get their content promoted.

Reels edited within Instagram have a higher probability of being promoted by Instagram’s algorithm.