How to Get More Instagram Likes and Followers and Build Stronger Relationships?

Want to know how to get more people to interact with you on Instagram and strengthen your relationships with those who already follow you? A professional brand manager with extensive experience in relationship marketing has provided the following advice.

Don’t just look at the highlights

What do you think is the greatest barrier to establishing meaningful relationships on Instagram?

The platform’s tendency to only show the best parts of users’ activity presents the most difficulty.

Instagram is notorious for its detrimental effects on users’ psychological well-being. Keep in mind that many individuals are putting their “best” so that you can avoid unnecessary comparison and discouragement.
The hardest part about using a platform that’s obsessed with aesthetics is resisting the want to just spotlight the best parts of your life.

However, the key to successfully establishing these relationships is to prioritise quality over number when it comes to both followers and content.

In order to get more likes and comments on Instagram, just be yourself

How can I “humanise” my Instagram posts?

It means to present oneself in an authentic manner. The days of triumphing with polished content are over.

Be yourself; we’re interested in seeing you in your true form. Don’t be shy about letting your true self shine through and discussing what sets you apart from everyone else. Tell me about some of your peculiarities. What excites you the most? For what reason do you react this way?

Keep your Instagram posts to a reasonable level

When trying to humanise material, it’s common to make the mistake of giving away too much personal information.

We’re interested in your human content, but not your mess.

Describe the most important takeaways and key points. Verify that your material is still providing something of value to your readers.

Determine what you mean by meaningful relationships

If you were asked to explain a meaningful relationship on Instagram, how would you describe it?

Someone who knows you well is said to have a “deep connection.” Someone who understands your language and culture, not simply your Instagram account.

Friendship is the result of a profound connection with another person who shares your values and passions.

You’re chatting with one another via text. Even though you may never meet in person, you provide emotional support and feel as though you know each other very well.

Let the public see the faces behind the product

Specifically, what steps can a company take to initiate greater interaction with its Instagram presence and eventually foster more meaningful relationships with its followers?

Let them see the PEOPLE behind the company for a change.

As a company, we’re interested in meeting the people behind the product. Don’t be shy about letting them see! That’s what sticks in our minds far more than any logo ever could.

Put out some good stuff, people!

Spend some time thinking about what you want to say before you post it, and make that message either entertaining, informative, or inspirational.

With don’t be shy about “sliding into the DMs,” so long as you do it with utmost respect and a view to making a connection. Seriously.

Do not be shy about tagging individuals in their own material when you share it on your Stories. React to what they’ve written. I guarantee you’ll start seeing relationships form if you support the creators of material with which you connect.

Keep it honest to get Instagram likes and comments

Visitors want to get to the GOOD STUFF. In the beginning of my professional life, I was obsessed with all things social media. I mostly talked on how to make the most of Twitter chats and Facebook Lives.

I spoke up a little bit about my life outside of work, but nothing major. Until I decided to cancel my wedding, I seldom left my social media accounts. I let my guard down and started sharing a lot about how I felt and what I was doing to love myself, and as a result, I started getting a lot more attention.

I met a lot of cool peopleā€¦ in Buffalo and elsewhere. Suddenly, it all clicked into place for me. What I had not previously appreciated was that this was the topic that brought people together.

Sadness is more universally understood than nerding out over a hashtag. Consequently, I started paying more attention to something else.