The Best Kept Secrets of Instagram That You’ve Been Missing

So, you want to learn Instagram, right?

Really, there’s no good reason not to. Instagram has a lot of clout.

However, few individuals and organisations really use it to its full potential. For the past twelve months, I’ve made it my mission to master Instagram and its many features. I’ve found a lot of success on Instagram, and I’m going to tell you all I know about it today.

Put up more than 30 hashtags

This Instagram hint is for all you hashtag enthusiasts out there. Instagram’s 30-hashtag limit is now being bypassed via a tiny bug.

You may increase your post’s visibility by up to 60% by including up to 60 hashtags, but only if you use them correctly.

I’ll show you the ropes.

Just upload the regular photo or video. If there were any hashtags in the original caption, this hack would not have worked.

Then, as a comment beneath your photo or video, put in 30 hashtags.

After that, you may go back and add up to thirty additional hashtags to the caption of your photo.

Check out trending hashtags before posting

You can use obvious hashtags, but chances are your post will be lost in the sea of others using the same ones. There are more than 17 million photographs, yet hashtags like “#business” may be the only ones that matter. In a flash, your pictures will have vanished.

Instead, you should make use of hashtags that are widely used but not too common. Researching effectively on Instagram and what you need to know.

All that is required is the use of a standard hashtag. Let me begin with the #business. Then, begin scrolling to the bottom of the page. Look at how little the #businesslife audience is! That’s a much more suitable hashtag to use. When searching for a popular hashtag, further ideas like these will appear below the search bar.

Get searching for more hashtags; there might be up to 60. Better outcomes and participation are worth the wait.

You should store hashtags for usage in the future

Are you prepared to learn more Instagram hashtag tricks? Have this one to help you stay on top of things.

For the simple reason that we’ve been there. You’ve just uploaded the nicest photo or video on Instagram, and now you have a very limited window of time in which to add relevant hashtags.

Fear sets in, and you can’t remember any of the hashtags you wanted to use. Is this the worst that could happen? You missed a few of the most significant hashtags. Noooooooo!

Don’t fret. Creating a note in a note taking programme and organising your notes into different folders is all that’s required. Hashtags may be made for any topic you choose if you have a business account.

  • Business
  • Quotes
  • Personal

Instagram offers a feature to hide hashtags

Hashtags that appear in a list format on every Instagram post make the user’s profile look like spam. It might even make you feel like you need constant affirmation. Do we really want that?

If you don’t already know this, here’s a quick tip.

Use the period and space combination to conceal the hashtags. Just write them down in a notebook like this and you’ll be good to go.

Keeping draughts for later use

Alright. Now that we’ve covered hashtags, let’s talk about some other aspects of your Instagram photos and videos.

You can really save partial posts as draughts, didn’t you know that? Yes! You may use the images and captions into your draughts.

What to do:

To take or upload a picture or video, just tap the plus sign at the screen’s bottom.
Put a caption on it, change the setting, and add a location.
To return to the editing screen, click the symbol in the top left corner of the window. (People using Android, please press the left arrow.)
Select the reload button ( ) (The direction indicated by this arrow is the best choice for Android users.)
The option to Save Draft or delete the draught will appear in a pop-up window. To do this, choose Save Drafts.
Be aware that Instagram app changes might cause the loss of your unsaved draughts. You should probably not keep every draught you make.

You may now make completely hands-free video recordings

You may make a video by yourself if you want to. To add a new photo or video to your story, simply tap the “+” button as you would while using Instagram. Then, select the hands-free option. Instantly, it will begin to record. It’s available for download or addition to your Instagram story.

Using Stories, you may upload photographs from your device’s gallery

The perfect shot for your Instagram story has finally been captured. What’s wrong? Your deadline for uploading it is in exactly 24 hours.

If you can’t upload them all at once, don’t fret; just snap a screenshot of the ones you want to share and they’ll show up as fresh in your gallery. Even if the standard isn’t quite the same, this is an excellent substitute.

Add other events to your story

The option to tag other accounts within Instagram Stories is one of my favourite features.

The only thing you need to do to tag someone is to put their username as you would in a caption. Whoever you mention will be visible to your followers, who may then click over to your friend’s profile. Instagram notifies the person you tag in your story when you mention them.

Benefit from free stats

Changing to a business profile is the cheapest way to gain access to analytics. You can see how successful your Instagram marketing campaign is thanks to the metrics provided by the company profile.