Here Are 8 Exceptional Cases Of Social Media Advertising

Then what?

The objectives of social algorithms are continuously shifting, making it more difficult to understand what does and does not work. In the proper hands, businesses of all sizes may benefit from a variety of platforms.

1. “#GayTurtle” by Amnesty International

Amnesty International started a social media campaign against homophobia and its inherent nonsense back in April of 2016. A brief video was filmed in a pet store, and it shows clients who look quite interested in the turtles approaching the tank, right up until the employee tells them that the turtles are homosexual.

This campaign’s success demonstrates the power of a novel perspective or a novel framing of a topic to captivate an audience and prompt introspection on their part.

2. Shave for a buck? Hashtag #RazorBurn

The marketing efforts of Dollar Shave Club, another Twitter success story, come next. DSC’s #RazorBurn cross-platform campaign was filled with the trademark humour of the company’s social media pages. The success of the campaign resulted in the company receiving a 2016 Shorty Award in the category of Retail and Ecommerce.

3. Use of Twitter in Advertising

Dollar Shave Club claims that the campaign was so effective that it increased their social media following by 6%, social media mentions by 24.5%, and Twitter engagement by 31.5%. They got people interested and the campaign took off in a significant manner by telling them to build their own versions (with the tagline “you’re funny, write your own”).

Social media engagement may be increased in a number of creative ways if your company has a sense of humour. Consider how you may turn this into a contest or game for the audience. Such memes are perfect since their format is straightforward and they are simple to copy.

4. You’re a Dog Person, BarkBox Knows

BarkBox knows its customers and the best ways to connect with them on social media. Social media followers and likers are won over by the account’s adorable and humorous dog images and videos. They have realised the importance of visual media in generating interest in and engagement with their content.

Think about your own intended audience and what they find interesting or engaging. If it’s written content that piques their attention, then concentrate on maintaining a blog and posting often to social media. If you’re looking for visual material, the same goes for sites like YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Make the consumer the centre of your plan by studying and adapting to their habits.

5. No Shoes? No Problem.

The greatest part is that TOMS gave a pair of shoes to a kid in need for every picture that was shared using the hashtag. People were invited to promote the challenge to their networks by sharing the concept and inviting their contacts to participate.

6. Unbiased in Every Way

Here’s an excellent case of a tiny eCommerce company that has successfully established its voice on social media. BeardBrand is a specialised Shopify online business selling beard oils and other beard care goods for the modern guy. BeardBrand, a company that promote your content marketing to beard oil, has written a lengthy, “100% biassed” post explaining why their product is the best available.

Strong content marketing may be seen in the BeardBrand blog. There are tonnes of helpful resources here for the modern bearded male, including image-heavy blog entries and how-to videos. Extremely pertinent. Extremely contagious.

7. Promotional Content Model

This promotional tweet is funny since it doesn’t try to hide the fact that it’s an advertisement for the company’s products. Many businesses try to hide their advertising efforts under a ‘creative’ facade, but consumers are always able to see through it. They are basically saying, “We’re very delighted with ourselves, but we’re good with it,” which is hilarious. You can figure this out on your own; you have a good brain. There are a lot of businesses out there, and sometimes all you need to stand out is to be genuine with your customers. And a solid reputation is invaluable.

8. Don’t waste time producing photo albums; use Chatbooks instead.

With Chatbooks, a relatively recent picture book subscription service, compiling your most precious memories is a breeze. One million memberships were sold in the first 18 months thanks to a humorous video depicting a working mother.

Why? Because it strikes a chord with so many people.

What Chatbooks has accomplished with this video is effectively speaking to their ideal customer: a harried mother who doesn’t have hours to devote to making a beautiful picture book for her family. From its operation to its advantages, it explains everything a buyer might possibly want to know. Besides being hilarious, “Do you think I have time for a bath?” I have on all my clothes. Why it has been so successful is obvious.

What does it all boil down to?

The takeaway from these cases is that social media is all about being authentic and connecting with your audience through participation rather than dictation. Check out our tried-and-true methods for increasing social media shares and conversions for even more ways to improve your involvement.

A good sense of humour goes a long way, and if it’s the kind of thing that people can’t help but talk about and get others involved in, then all the better! Different sorts of content will perform better on various social media sites, therefore it’s important to know both your audience and your platforms. Whether you’re putting your money into a written piece, an image-driven campaign, or a video with viral potential, the key is to get people talking by showing them something new.