A look At 15+ Incredible TikTok Stats For 2023

The video-sharing application TikTok has recently experienced meteoric global growth. It’s widely used by influential people online and thus can be found on the vast majority of social media sites.

Due to its short video format, TikTok has made it easier than ever for users to express themselves creatively in ways they never have before.

Tiktok has provided an enormous stage for showcasing artistic and creative endeavours. Without a doubt, it has helped people find their natural target audience.

What follows, then, is a compilation of some truly astounding TikTok statistics and facts:

  • The Apple app store’s most popular download is the video sharing app Tiktok. The average iOS device has a storage capacity of 300 MB.
  • In fact, Tiktok is used in more than 155 different countries around the world. (InfluencerMarketingClub is our primary source)
  • Young adults (aged 18-24) make up the bulk of the audience. This is according to the TikTok Report.
  • Its original name for Tiktok was “musical.ly.” It wasn’t until people started pronouncing it as TikTok that it became popular, though. Names with a lot of flair get more notice. (Oberlo was the source)
  • A typical TikTok session lasts for 15 minutes or longer for the average user. That’s what they average each day. This is according to the TikTok Report.
  • TikTok is responsible for the rise of viral dance and music trends.
  • Almost a third of users (34%) post a video every single day. Maintaining a regular posting schedule increases exposure. Because of TikTok’s algorithm, even a user with no followers can gain millions with consistent posting. There are more women than men who use TikTok, according to the app’s latest report. TikTok’s active user base is primarily made up of women (58.8%) and men (41.2%). According to bloggwii.com,.
  • As of now, Tiktok has an audience of over 800 million people and is still growing.
  • TikiTok is worth $400 million at today’s exchange rate. TikTok is available in 75 different languages (TikTok Report). This is according to the TikTok Report.
  • During its first year, Tiktok saw an average of 11 million video views per day. The vast majority of its users are influenced by the Western market.
  • TikTok’s duet feature has facilitated collaboration between users and content makers. To react to or parody their video content in a response was the most common use of this. Through the duet function, the two videos would be displayed side by side.
  • Charli d’amelio’s videos typically receive 20 million views, and she has 92 million subscribers. She has become one of the most popular TikTokers in the world. (InfluencerMarketingClub is our primary source)
  • Tiktok’s TikCodes feature is unlike any other video sharing app’s. Those who are new to TikTok may be unfamiliar with the term “TikCode,” which refers to the QR code given to each user upon signup. This QR code will help others quickly locate a specified account.
  • TikTok also offers analytics on a regular basis to examine audience data and monitor the success of the account. Audience size, average viewing time, and total views are all displayed. As a result of this addition, the viewership has increased. Buying TikTok likes isn’t common practise, but it can help new users get more exposure. As of 2020, TikTok will allow its users to access their accounts from desktop computers, allowing them to upload videos, view analytics, and so on (source: influencermarketingclub). (InfluencerMarketingClub is our primary source)
  • Users’ location, browser and search history, device type, and other information is tracked and stored by TikTok.
  • TikTok implemented a feature in 2020 where users could check in once a day to see how the covid-19 virus situation had changed since the previous day. These changes sparked a new movement on the platform in which users disseminated information about the Covid-19 virus and the state’s regulations. (InfluencerMarketingClub is our primary source)
  • It has been found that the most interaction with videos posted on TikTok occurs between 6:00 am and 10:00 am and 11:00 pm and midnight Eastern Standard Time. (InfluencerMarketingClub is our primary source)

Final Reflections

Since Tiktok is constantly improving, there are countless additional interesting details like these. Statistics and data like these are what set TikTok apart from its rivals. It’s no longer just a social app; it’s also a potent brand-building and content-making resource.