Use Instagram Stories To Boost Your Marketing Efforts

important lessons learned from our chat regarding Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a fantastic method to engage your audience more directly and personally than with static postings on your social media feeds. According to our 2018 Instagram Stories Benchmark Report, retention is the single biggest indicator of Instagram Story performance, therefore Stories also need a significant time commitment. The sky is the limit when your initial frame catches visitors, so don’t be hesitant to submit as many frames of high-quality footage as you have available.

With this in mind, Instagram has the highest average interaction rate among the “Big 3” social media sites at 1.60%. While there is possibility with Stories, it’s crucial to think about your audience before devoting the time, money, and effort necessary to develop a fruitful Instagram Stories plan.

The first thing to consider is who you are trying to reach and how they consume material, says Lauren Wiggins, for anyone who is in charge of social media, whether they are just in charge of posting, monitoring, or actually at the highest level thinking about strategy and how to connect to your audience.

Unique content is essential to stand out on Instagram.

Lauren offers a distinct viewpoint on her personal Instagram usage during the conversation. claiming that companies doing it correctly are the ones whose stories you actively seek out rather than simply come across. When this platform become more crowded in the future,

People will need to locate you, thus it will be crucial to have a compelling username and a strong online presence. Instead than relying on algorithms, actively search for you on social media. Therefore, we will only be aware of 10 account names before we commence looking for their content.

Remember that Facebook is watching the Instagram Stories playbook closely.

It’s vital to keep in mind that Facebook controls the Instagram platform when discussing algorithms. It’s clear that the current Facebook UI modifications, which have been gradually rolled out since 2017, are an attempt to capitalise on the popularity of Instagram and Snapchat’s story features. Lauren speculates that, given the popularity of these tale aspects

Once they decide to make Stories the primary focus, I wouldn’t be shocked to see a complete revamp of both the Instagram layout and the Facebook layout.

In a same spirit, the importance of authenticity in your Stories’ content has never been greater. One of the keys to finding success with a narrative is having distinctive and captivating material that is tailored to the platform, especially with so many accounts to select from and little free time.

For the same reason, I don’t particularly like that Facebook Stories can be easily accessed from Instagram Stories. I appreciate that it’s a simple approach to insert material, but I don’t believe people will respond well to it.

When should Instagram Stories be posted?

The prospects for greater engagement and retention offered by Instagram Stories are well-explained by Lauren in the second portion of our chat. There is a reason the word “instant” is still used in the name of this company, and as users, our first instinct is to publish events as they take them in our Stories. But Lauren uses a different strategy:

Every day, at noon and at night, you have three chances to create an impact with your Instagram story. When uploading numerous frames at once, Lauren advises downloading your Stories to your camera roll (along with locations, timestamps, weather, etc.). In this manner, one of the three ideal posting periods may be utilised to give your entire Instagram story a fair shot.

Why Instagram Stories are even important

The most important question for brands is: Is this worth my time, whether it’s your brand or a client? Similar to any social media activity, tracking and attribution are essential for determining the time and financial commitment you made to using Instagram as a marketing tool. You may adapt your plan as required by monitoring the reach, interactivity, and retention of your Instagram Stories. The goal for Lauren is to move her audience through the funnel, not necessarily have them leave the platform.